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Representing Community Associations & Cooperatives

Our attorneys, with their extensive experience representing community associations and cooperatives, understand the needs of property owners in planned communities and homeowners associations. The scope of our representation extends to virtually every aspect of association operation, at every stage of development.

Our attorneys in this practice area have been instrumental in the development of community association law in the State of Illinois. Our lawyers frequently speak at seminars and lecture on the management of associations (self-managed and managed by a management company), enforcement of use restrictions and statutory framework which govern homeowners associations in the State of Illinois. As active members of CAI and Chicagoland Apartment Association, Costello Sury & Rooney, is recognized as one of the law firms in the area of community/condominium association law in Chicagoland Area suburbs.

Homeowner Association Law

The creation and enforcement of organizations and their rules that manage and help to maintain their appearance and value.

HOA Attorney Services

  • General CounselingPracticing all aspects of association operation and legal compliance, in particular with regard to the requirements of the Illinois Condominium Act, Common Interest Community Association Act and General Not-for-Profit Corporation Act.
  • Maintenance and Repair Issues
  • Assessment CollectionSystems to help HOAs/condos collect on unpaid assessments in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.
  • Collection ServicesCollection of unpaid assessments from co-owners through the imposition and foreclosure of liens.
  • Foreclosure of Assessment Liens
  • By-law ViolationsAddressing by-law violations and assisting with the enforcement of community association by-laws.
  • Architectural Enforcement
  • Developer Disputes
  • Legal DocumentsDrafting covenants, bylaws, contracts, and other legal documents on behalf of the association.
  • Governing Documents AnalysisAnalysis of a association’s current governing documents for the purpose of identifying provisions of the documents that may require amendment to comply with current law, or simply for the purpose of better serving and protecting the association, its directors and co-owners.
  • Board Association RepresentationRepresentation of the association’s board of directors in various types of legal disputes that might arise with co-owners and third parties, such as contractors and mortgage lenders.

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